Visual writing prompts for kids

The tastes of autumn Writing Prompt 3:

Visual writing prompts for kids

Language Arts Grade s: They will practice using adjectives and descriptive phrases to illustrate meaning in their poems. Background Acrostic poetry is an easy way to get even early writers interested in creative writing and poetry.

Based off a single word, acrostic poems teach students the interplay of adjectives and phrases in describing a single idea or event. The Write About This app gallery is one way students can find a photo prompt to help them brainstorm a word to provide the structure of their acrostic poem.

Sometimes visual prompts can help students with selecting an idea or theme as well as finding various ways to describe their chosen word.

Visual writing prompts for kids

The Activity The teacher will define the structure and process of writing an acrostic poem. Through the use of examples, students will start to understand how each line of the acrostic poem is critical in providing description and depth in conveying the meaning of the root of the acrostic.

The teacher will explain to students that seeing a photograph can help students visualize all of the various elements that can be described for the poem.

From the selected photo, instruct students to pick a word that inspires them from the photo. It can also be a conceptual idea, adjective, emotion, etc.

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Whichever concept or idea that speaks strongly to them from the photo will work well for the activity. Have students write their selected word vertically letter-by-letter in the Write About This app.

Before they start to write each line of their poem, give students 5 minutes to write as many descriptive words and phrases that come to mind while viewing their photo. This will help students brainstorm ideas for their poem.

Give students time to write each line of their poem, referring to their brainstorming notes. After students have completed a rough draft of their poem, give students time to revise the poem by reviewing the adjectives they have selected.

Invite them to use a thesaurus to find the best adjectives to articulate their ideas. After students have had a chance revising, have them create a final draft to publish and share with the teacher and family members using the share options.

Have a poetry reading with the class and invite parents and other community members.

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Offer refreshments while students present their poems by displaying their final Write About.A writing prompt is a writing technique often used by people to expand their writing repertoire -- the idea being that if you don’t use writing prompts, people have a tendency to fall back into the same writing .

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What visual writing prompts give a teacher (and her students) is the invitation for unanimous participation and success. Developing a lesson where this can happen takes an almost intuitive understanding of each student’s individual needs, learning styles accounted for, hours of research compiled, careful design and a whole lot of luck.

prompt(s) as a doorway to the writing process. Write Together creating visual artwork.

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Writing is art. For this reason, we don’t revise, correct, or ask them to polish every piece they write. What Kids Can Do What Kids Can Do, Inc. (WKCD) started in to make public the voices and views of . prompts with story connectives and scaffold lines for writing sentences.


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Visual prompts with story connectives, scaffold lines and additional prompts about the character's feelings. These writing prompts for elementary students can help. By asking students questions that pique their interest, you’ll be encouraging them to put their thoughts down on paper.

Try some of the writing prompts in the sections below for your next writing activity.

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