Seb open session minutes september 20

As a student of Optimal LivingI knew I had to dig in and learn more. And thus began an incredible journey down the path of intermittent fasting, towards my craziest challenge so far.

Seb open session minutes september 20

Click here to contact me anytime. Naturally you might ask who is Tim Sykes. To make a long story short he is the guy who turned his 12, Click here to watch a video about Tim Sykes. In any event last week I was interviewed and was accepted to be a student of the millionaire challenge.

Good you should be.

Seb open session minutes september 20

Here is my story. I am a father of 2 and a husband of 1 with a part time photography business. I own a few websites and I have been trading and investing in the stock market on and off for 20 years.

However, in the beginning of I hit the market hard again and started to trade this and that along the way. Click here to read more about Tim Grittani.

So, what do you think?

I read the article with congratulatory thoughts and then tucked it away in my brain for 2 weeks. What would happen if the market tanked again I thought.

Would my portfolio tank too? That is when I went back to the article and found the name Tim Sykes. If you are reading this and you are feeling conflicted you should be. You are not alone. However, I feel like I did enough preliminary research on TS to make an intelligent decision.

In essence I am investing in my future by educating myself. That being said this is what I did before I applied. I immediately Googled the name Tim Sykes and watched video after video after video after video after video after video… of him.

There are thousands of videos, blog posts and reviews on him. He definitely make various impressions once you start watching and reading. My personal feelings on him are irrelevant though. I am a cynical New Yorker. I did my research and made a decision based on that research. In a nutshell Tim Sykes says to trade penny stock not invest companies on the way up and down based off of price action by using volatility, volume and chart patterns to your benefit.

You need the right tools, money and service to do this. So, I thought about it and talked it over with my wife. She actually supported me on my decision because she knows I am thorough. So, I bought his penny stocking silver newsletter which was great and hoped in feeling confused and overwhelmed.

However, I enjoyed it and that is what was meaningful to me.

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About a week later I was interviewed by telephone and was accepted. I told them that I needed to reconfirm with my wife and that I would call them a few days later. My wife reconfirmed so I joined. There is no part of my being that feels that this is a get rich scheme.

This is a thought out decision based on my personal research and communication with my wife. In fact he highlights them for others to learn from. This is also an investment into my future with the understanding that there are risks involved. I look forward to becoming a part of the 10 percent.

I will blog about my journey weekly as it happens real time so that others can experience the excitement, fear, confusion, enlightenment and anything else along with me.

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