Pesticides and effects

Colorado Technical University 8 Possible Side Effects of Pesticides Pesticides provide many substantial benefits for farmers and consumers by controlling pests and preventing disease, as well as increasing crop yield and keeping costs down; however, these potent chemicals have also put our health in great danger. Here are 8 possible side effects of pesticides:

Pesticides and effects

Signs of long-term illness from pesticides Pesticides and other toxics can cause many long-term chronic illnesses.

Some signs of chronic illness are: If you have any of these signs, tell your doctor or health worker. Be sure to tell them all the ways you may have been in contact with pesticides and, if possible, which ones.

Some long-term health effects of pesticides Damage to the lungs: People exposed to pesticides may get a cough that never goes away, or have a tight feeling in the chest. These can be signs of bronchitis, asthma, or other lung diseases.

Damage done over time to the lungs may lead to lung cancer. If you have any signs of lung damage, do not smoke cigarettes! Smoking makes lung disease worse. People exposed to pesticides have a higher chance of getting cancer than other people.

This does not mean you will get cancer if you work with pesticides. But it means that working with pesticides gives you a higher risk of getting the disease. Hundreds of pesticides and pesticide ingredients are known or believed to cause cancer. Many more have not yet been studied.

The most common cancers caused by pesticides are blood cancer leukemianon-Hodgkins lymphoma, and brain cancer. Because alcohol can damage the liver Damage to the liver: The liver helps clean the blood and get rid of poisons.

Because pesticides are very strong poisons, the liver sometimes cannot get rid of them. Severe liver damage can happen after a serious poisoning or after working with pesticides for many months or years. It is a liver disease people get from being exposed to pesticides. Toxic hepatitis can cause nausea, vomiting and fever, yellowing of the skin, and can destroy your liver.

Damage to the nervous system: Pesticides damage the brain and the nerves. Long-term exposure to pesticides can cause loss of memory, anxiety, mood changes, and trouble concentrating.

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Damage to the immune system: Some pesticides weaken the immune system, which protects the body from disease. When the immune system is weak from poor nutrition, pesticides, or from illnesses like HIV, it is easier to get allergies and infections and it is harder to heal from ordinary illnesses.Benefits of pesticides.

The primary benefits are the consequences of the pesticides' effects – the direct gains expected from their use. For example the effect of killing caterpillars feeding on the crop brings the primary benefit of higher yields and better quality of cabbage. The pesticide law requires us to use an extra fold safety factor, if necessary, to protect infants and children from effects of the pesticide.

Risk Equation The risk to human health from pesticide exposure depends on both the toxicity of the pesticide and the likelihood of people coming into contact with it. Human health harms Atrazine in drinking water Atrazine & the environment Farming without atrazine Resources Health harms.

Effects of Pesticides – Cancer.

Pesticides and effects

The dreaded diagnosis of cancer has been linked in over studies worldwide to agrochemicals. Worse, scientists have linked pesticides with several types of cancers, including that of the breast, prostate, brain, bone, thyroid, colon, liver, lung, and more.

Pesticides have had harmful effects on growth and reproduction on earthworms. Some pesticides can bioaccumulate, or build up to toxic levels in the bodies of organisms that consume them over time, a phenomenon that impacts species high on the food chain especially hard.

Before a pesticide is even approved for use in organic farming, it must be evaluated for potential adverse effects on humans, animals, and the environment, and prove it’s compatible with a.

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