Factors that effect pe ratio

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Factors that effect pe ratio

Look at them Like an Analyst!!! You would have also learnt that it is one of the most important factors to skim that list of companies you have in your hand. In the simplest terms, it shows the amount of money you are ready to pay for each rupee worth of the earnings of the company.

Formula wise, it is calculated by dividing the current market price of the stock by its earnings per share EPS. Suppose you went to the market and brought 1kg of onions for Rs.

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They are in fact an end effect of accelerated earnings which attract big institutional buyers resulting in strong price rallies. There is a reason why it is low, so do your research thoroughly. Coming back to our example of Aurobindo Pharma Ltd.

The company had broadened its scope from just antibiotics and antiretroviral therapies ARV to high-value growth segments such as controlled substances, injectables and life style segments.

This was expected to help the company boost its margins in the next two years. It was believed that as the revenue would scale up, the high fixed costs, which were a drag on profitability, will provide operating leverage and that is exactly what happened.

Let us understand and implement this the way an analyst does… STEP 1 - During the time it was recommended by us, the stock was trading at Rs. In our case, we had expected the EPS to grow from Eventually, as expected by us, Aurobindo Pharma delivered the projected growth, infact it outperformed all the expectations and gave an EPS of more than 52 as per its FY15 results and achieved our projected price of Rs.

Remember, institutional and long term investors invest in a company considering long term durations.

Factors that effect pe ratio

Future earnings is what matters to them rather than short term gains. Now coming to the dissimilarity part, you cannot simply compare Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. You also cannot compare it with Godavari Drugs Ltd. It went on to make an all time high of Rs. A very important observation that one can make in Gillette is that in its annual results, one can see that the spend on marketing has decreased by 2.

Now, if Gillette puts a cap on the amount to be spent in marketing, say around Rs. The earnings were hidden in the marketing costs and therefore one needs to dig deeper and understand every line of the financial statements. Cement major Shree Cements Ltd. Similarly, 3M India Ltd. It also managed to clock its all time high of Rs.

Buy stocks with proven records of significant sales and earnings growth in the last three to five years plus strong recent quarterly improvements.such as the ratio of the PE to growth (often called the PEG ratio) implicitly assigns all variation in PE ratios to growth opportunities because it does not allow for time-varying discount rates.

We apply the model to the market-level PE ratio, as measured by the S&P index. factors which influence the P/E ratio. Thus, it has been put forward that the P/E ratio will have a that the P/E effect may occur predominately in January (Jaffe, Keim and Westerfield, ).

In this section variables of price to earnings ratio (PE), dividends yields (DY) and common stock. Like most investors, you probably would have familiarized yourself with the importance of the P/E ratio of a stock.

You would have also learnt that it is one of the most important factors to skim that list of companies you have in your hand. This is important because the factors that drive changes in the P/E ratio will also drive returns.

3 Historical Distribution of the P/E Ratio During the period January to June , the S&P P/E ratio averaged x, while the median P/E ratio was x.

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Proponents of the PEG ratio (which is the price‐earnings [PE] ratio divided by the short‐term earnings growth rate) argue that this ratio takes account of differences in short‐run earnings growth, providing a ranking that is superior to the ranking based on PE ratios.

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