Essays critical analysis of amy lowells patterns

The carefully arranged garden paths and flower beds cause her to reflect that her society has similarly arranged her, seeing to it that she will passively endure her stiff, brocaded gown, her powdered hair, and a jewelled fan after the fashion of the day. Although her pink and silver gown and high-heeled ribboned shoes are decorative, the woman feels imprisoned, sealed off from the softness and passion of her heart, her true self. At first she feels that both she and the flowers are locked into rigid patterns, but she begins to realize that her situation is mocked by the wider liberty of nature. Inspired by the greater freedom of the flowers and trees, she passes a marble fountain and sees herself bathing nude in the basin, all the while imagining that her lover is hiding in the nearby hedge, observing her.

Essays critical analysis of amy lowells patterns

Amy Lowell, an imagist, uses sharp images, precise wording, and figurative speech as a means of poetic expression to arouse the senses of the reader.

In "Patterns," Amy Lowell explores the hopeful liberty of women in the early 20th century through a central theme. Of the many images in this poem, the constant motions of the flowers and water drops, the dress the woman is wearing, and her daydreams of her lover are most crucial in developing this theme of freedom.

In the beginning of the poem, as well as throughout the work, the speaker describes daffodils and other types of flowers moving freely in the wind. This creates a sense of freedom and flexibility.

Essays critical analysis of amy lowells patterns

The woman in the poem, presumably Amy, wishes to be like the moving flowers, carefree and jaunty. In the second stanza of the poem, the woman begins to describe the water in the marble fountain.

The, "…plashing of water drops," and, "…plopping of the water drops," describe liquid in motion. The fact that she notices such little details in a fountain shows how intent the woman is on being free and able to move about as she pleases.

The unconstrained movement of the flowers and the water manifest a way of life that the woman would like to live. What is keeping her from the liberation that she longs for? The images in the poem name the binding dress as the culprit, but upon reading deeper into the signs of the imagery, one will find that there is a more complicated reason for her misery.

Analysis of Amy Lowell’s Poem “A Decade” In “A Decade,” a poem by Amy Lowell, the reader is shown how a lover’s attitude can go from infatuation at first to just predictability and love. In this poem Lowell uses imagery and similes to elaborate on the feelings of the speaker towards his/her lover. poetry, poem analysis - Analysis of Lowell's Poem, Patterns. Patterns by Amy Lowell Essay - "Patterns" by Amy Lowell When one hears the words, "I sink on a seat in the shade," they will most likely form a visual image in . Discussion of themes and motifs in Amy Lowell's Patterns. eNotes critical analyses help you gain a deeper understanding of Patterns so you can excel on your essay or test.

The "…stiff, brocaded gown" is mentioned many times throughout the poem. Of course, back in that time, the woman was not only in a rigid, uncomfortable dress in the heat of summer, but she was also most likely wearing a corset.Essays and criticism on Amy Lowell - Critical Essays.

In its entirety, Amy Lowell’s work is, as F. Cudworth Flint has observed, a history of the poetry of her time. Analysis of ‘Patterns’ Written by Amy Lowell Amy Lowell is an American imagist poet who uses descriptive language to create specific images in a readers mind.

Set in the Victorian era (’s,) the dramatic monologue ‘Patterns’ explores the restrictions of unmarried women in society and the desire for freedom.

On the outside, the speaker in Amy Lowell’s “Patterns” acts the way Victorian society expects of her. However, on the inside, she expresses her emotions and what she truly feels.

The speaker is confined to each “button, hook, and lace” of society’s values. poetry, poem analysis - Analysis of Lowell's Poem, Patterns. Patterns by Amy Lowell Essay - "Patterns" by Amy Lowell When one hears the words, "I sink on a seat in the shade," they will most likely form a visual image in .

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Amy Lowell was one of the prestigious Massachusetts Lowells and was a relative of James Russell Lowell, the first editor of Atlantic Monthly. She was born on February 9, , in Brookline to aristocratic parents, Katherine Bigelow Lawrence and Augustus Lowell.

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