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We have provided many important safety messages in this manual and on your appliance.

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In bonus, the follow-me feature is also included. AO SenMa advertized around 15min of flight duration and m Essayer a nouveau control range. The pastic quality is good and flexible except for the landing gears and GPS couple made with a recycled and harder pastic much more frafile IHMO.

The ground clearance is 7cm. Maybe a futur ground station software connexion? Actually I tried with different 32bits software. Be aware, inspect the background of the battery compartement. Be aware, only the light below the motors are status lights.

The gimbal must be attached via 4 screens.


No dampening balls to absorve some vibration. Notice the power button. You will need to extract and reinsert the battery. Good news, the LiPo is a starndard model with Tdean and balancer plug. It should be not hard to install Inside this white plastic housing another potentially stronger model.

The chassis look like the Syma FPV kit one. Here seems the lens have a wider FOV. More the camera FPV module is installed on a 2-axis gimbal but with brushed servos. On the right side, the microSD slot, a tiny power switch and a mini JST connector to recharge the builtin battery.

In practice, you have a maximum of 15mm of battery autonomy… so it can be a big problem beccause you can rule out of battery at the end your flight and by consequence lost the FPV signal.

Luckely, you have the RTH button in any case.

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The 3position DIP switch for Vfreq selection in the Boscam band E 3 servo plugs to connect before to screw the gimbal mount. Each plugged is clearly labled. The good news, you will be able to replace it with a wider model. Inside the module, there is a internal LiPo with a relatively poor autonomy as said previously….

Around 50g for all the gimbal FPV cam rig… not so bad. Unfortunatly, as you will in the demo flight results are not really good. Servo motors introducing some video artefacts and the autoleveling not efficient in some situations.

Be aware, when you split in two the body, only GPS plug can be disconnected, not the front blue light wires. The 6-axis stablization MCU is installed little daughter board isolated from vibration by a piece of foam.

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Unfortunatly, the bind button is located on this board. It means if you lost the bind, you will need to disassemble the machine to proceed the pairing. Check no wires come between the two metal connectors. Individual 12A ESC on each arm. A good point for maintenance Transmitter A DJI phantom chassis style radio with two 3-way swiches and two double shoulder buttons.

The left shoulder buttons trigger the photo and video recording respectively. The right one is for the follow-me. When red light is turned on, it means, it raise an alarm. The left light represents the number of satellites received by the quadcopter.

When the nominal number is reached, the light turns off. The next to the right is the for transmitter GPS module. The third light is an out of range alarm.

If happens, RTH should be engage. Finally the right light is the battery alarm. The left large panel button controls the tilt and pan of the gimbal.

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When you take off in manual flight mode (both Switch B & A in “1” position), you need to apply at least 50% of throttle. The behaviour is a little bit surprizing to keep altitude but after few seconds, everything is . View and Download KENMORE use & care manual online.

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