Appendix c patient reports

Administer colostrum or a commercial colostrum substitute to any newborn calf showing signs of not having received it by suckling. In cold weather, intervene earlier to supplement calves learn how to safely use an esophageal tube feeder, as it may assist in administering colostrum to calves that will not suckle obtain supplemental colostrum from any of these sources:

Appendix c patient reports

Sikhs do not believe in practice, or condone circumcising infant, or adult, males or females. Circumcision is irreversible genital mutilation of either gender. Circumcision involves amputation of the most sensitive areas of either male or female genital organs and is commonly performed on helpless infants without anesthesia.

Sikhs do not practice or condone circumcision of either gender during infancy, childhood, puberty, or adulthood. Sikhs believe in the perfection of the Creator's creation. Therefore Sikhism completely rejects the concept of gender mutilation by circumcision. Sikhism considers circumcision performed on minors below the legal age of consent child abuse and a violation of civil rights.

Sikhs have traditionally acted to protect the weak, innocent or oppressed and to defend the defenseless. InBaba Deep Singh aided the rescue of boys and girls from forced conversion by Islamic invaders which included circumcision and returned the young ones to their families unmolested.

No body piercing to accommodate jewelry, tattoo inklings, or other mutilation is permitted. The code of conduct Appendix c patient reports outlines in detail what is expected of Sikh parents regarding their infant children and gives no instructions for circumcision rather admonishes parents not to harm so much as a hair on the child's head.

Appendix c patient reports

The Sikh code of conduct also outlines carefully in detail all matters concerning matrimony including conjugal obligations and again no mention is made of circumcision, for either gender, Bhai Gur Das writes that circumcision does not insure liberation in his Vaars.

Tenth Guru Gobind Singh states in Dasam Granth that establishing ritual circumcision has not instilled anyone with the knowledge of the divine. We also consulted with Dr. Virender Sodhi, an ayurvedic and allopathic doctor in Washington, and Cromwell Crawford of the University of Hawaii, an Indian-born specialist in Hindu medical ethics.

Fortunately, as pointed out by Professor Crawford, the ancient codifiers of ayurveda, Sushruta and Charaka, carefully considered and documented the ethics of their profession and its various medical procedures.

Everything that helps in the manifestation of the divinity of the soul is beneficial and moral, and everything that obstructs this inner unfoldment is harmful and immoral. Matters of Birth Hindus consider children a gift from God, and the conception, development and birth of a child are sacred events, honored by a ceremony, or samskara, marking these rites of passage.

Hindus have a general unwillingness to interfere with nature and a special aversion to abortion, based on the belief in reincarnation and the sanctity of marriage. Circumcision Hindus consider the practice of circumcision for males unnecessary and do not practice it.

Doctors should be alerted to Hindu views on this often-standard procedure. A circumcised Hindu boy could face ridicule and discrimination. In rare ocassions, the procedure is required as a medical necessity for an adult, but is kept secret.

Muslims regard both as heretical for believing in prophets after Muhammad. Darwin and circumcision Circumcision is of interest in the study of human variation because it is an artificial variation that has been carried out for millenia.

The Jewish custom is the best documented, but other groups have done so for as long. Before evolution by mutation and natural selection was fully understood, Jean-Baptiste Lamarck proposed that characteristics acquired during an individual organism's life are transmitted to its offspring; so a blacksmith's son might be expected to have brawny arms.

It was supposed that doing so repeatedly, generation after generation, would strenghten the effect. This is a testable claim, and one test would be whether Jews are more likely than gentiles to be born without foreskins.

Darwin was unaware of Mendelian genetics because Gregor Mendel was an obscure monk who had published his work in an obscure journal and of genes as units of inheritance, but he was well aware of Lamark's theory and considered this question.

With respect to Jews, I have been assured by three medical men of the Jewish faith that circumcision, which has been practised for so many ages, has produced no inherited effect. Blumenbach, however, asserts57 that Jews are often born in Germany in a condition rendering circumcision difficult, so that a name is given them signifying "born circumcised;" and Professor Preyer informs me that this is the case in Bonn, such children being considered the special favourites of Jehovah.

I have also heard from Dr. Newman, of Guy's Hospital, of the grandson of a circumcised Jew, the father not having been circumcised, in a similar condition. But it is possible that all these cases may be accidental coincidences, for Sir J. Paget has seen five sons of a lady and one son of her sister with adherent prepuces; and one of these boys was affected in a manner "which might be considered like that commonly produced by circumcision;" yet there was no suspicion of Jewish blood in the family of these two sisters.

Circumcision is practised by Mahomedans, but at a much later age than by Jews; and Dr. Riedel, Assistant Resident in North Celebes, writes to me that the boys there go naked until from six to ten years old; and he has observed that many of them, though not all, have their prepuces much reduced in length, and this he attributes to the inherited effects of the operation.

Thus Darwin left the question open and "came out through that same door where in [he] went". Mithridatum Never heard of mithridatum?How does a WebCite ®-enhanced reference look like?.

The use of effective communication among patients and healthcare professionals is critical for achieving a patient's optimal health outcome. However, according to the Canadian Patient Safety Institute, ineffective communication has the opposite effect as it can lead to patient harm. Communication with regards to patient safety can be classified into two categories: prevention of adverse events. The following is the Department´s title III ADA regulation published July 26, , which should continue to be used until March 14, The case against infant circumcision and for genital integrity.

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The following are some examples of documents in a client file and how a lawyer should deal with these documents: [1] Client's Documents. Subject to the right of the lawyer in appropriate circumstances to claim a solicitor's lien, a client is entitled to.

MEDICAL ASSISTANCE IN DYING (MAID) On June 17, , the federal government introduced Bill C, which decriminalizes medical assistance in dying (MAiD).

Bill C addresses physicians, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, and other health care professionals, and exempts them from prosecution under the Criminal Code.

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Occupational Exposures to Hepatitis B and C Recommendation: When an occupational exposure occurs, the source patient should be evaluated for both hepatitis B and hepatitis C.


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