Ap us history unit 01

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Ap us history unit 01

The following information was compiled from the experiences and memories of members of the Vietnam Veterans of D Co. There is no doubt that significant errors and or omissions may have been made in its creation. Corrections and additions should be sent to Michael Kelley, 36th Street, Sacramento, Ca ; e-mail address: The Bn was credited with 4 enemy KIA by body count in those engagements.

The Battalion's first CA took place at hrs, 3 Jan 68 when all companies were airlifted in the vicinity of Cu Chi. All in all, got off to a very painful and costly beginning. It made no contact there and departed 10 Jan Initially, D company deployed to the Cu Chi area in south-central Vietnam. It then moved north to Quang Tri and joined operations with the Cav in that area.

Units of the 1st Cav, and st Division some elements of the st among them also attacked south along QL-1 Hwy 1 and toward the northern quadrants of Hue City. Col John Cushman, 2d Bde commander at the time, recalls that the Cav was intially very timid with its support of those 2d Bde elements working with it.

The Cav apparently husbanded their aerial resources almost entirely for Cav units partly the result of self-interest and partly out of the professional rivalry between the two proud Airborne Divisions and it was very difficult for the st units to get airlift scheduled for CAs or even visual recons.

In the fighting that followed, the Army lost more casualties in one week than the Marines lost in their very famous and much-publicized month-long fight to liberate Hue attacking from the south.

Unfortunately, histories of the Battle for Hue generally ignore the US Army's and ARVN's participation despite the fact both those units suffered significantly more casualties than the Marines.

Ap us history unit 01

In fact, the ARVN were reported to have suffered approximately 12, casualties in uncharacteristically spirited and aggressive fighting along the western and eastern outskirts of the city. Speculation suggests elements other than the Marines were ignored because the press did not accompany those elements and likely knew little or nothing of their engagements.

At about the time these elements fought through to the northern outskirts of Hue City itself, the enemy broke contact and fled north, west and east to avoid annihilation.

The fight for Hue was over but much fighting remained to eliminate the large number of enemy units that had filtered in amongst the populated areas in the coastal lowland paddies, hedgerows and sand dunes surrounding the coastal village of Quang Dien, northeast of Hue.

Casualties began to mount greatly once concentrations of the enemy operating in the coastal plains were located and fixed in place. Casualties suffered by the Company and Battalion during were: Its mission was to conduct combat assaults on FSB Veghel and recon in force in that area.

Large supplies of equipment and weapons were found about 45 miles west of Da Nang and included: It was estimated the material would have supplied an NVA Division for a full year. During Lamar Plains, the Battalion made two significant discoveries in the mountains southwest of Tam Ky.

On 1 Jul 69, it found a cache containing individual weapons, 33 crew served weapons, three tons of ammunition and 17 bicycles. The second find was a 15 building hospital complex.

Pohl, KIA in 24 Jun 68 helicopter crash or shoot-down. Contact was light but the battalion expended a considerable effort at improving the fortifications of FSB Birmingham and Pohl Bridge. Republic Square ended 7 Dec Miller Jacksonville, AL and seven?Grades Academic Outreach Advanced Placement Air Force Jr ROTC AVID Career Technical Education (CTE) English English Language Learners Math Physical Education Project Lead the Way Science Social Science Special Education Summer School Visual and Performing Arts World Languages.

Ap us history unit 01

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